What features should you check with your supplier when thinking about buying a surveillance camera?


A vandal proof camera consists of harder material. You can recognize this by the (European) description IK10. This code indicates that the construction has been tested and meets the highest standards of construction security.

Round Security Camera Housing

Most vandal proof cameras are also characterized by a round shape. As a result, rope or cloths have less of a grip on this. The wiring of the camera is also completely concealed in the housing.

Protected lens

The camera lens is behind secured glass. Inquire about the processing of the secured glass for camera surveillance.

The best security cameras that are “vandal proof” are treated with a coating that prevents paint from getting a hold on it. And tape the security camera? Remains a possibility. But by the time the camera has been completely taped, there is a good chance that the vandal has already been in the picture.

By the way: the same coating that prevents paint and the like from taking hold also makes it easier to remove stickers from the camera. So less costs to get the camera 100% operational again.

Vandal proof cameras at Campro?

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