More safety with a mix of options

Security and facility management has evolved into a complex set of operational functions, all of which must be managed with the safety of personnel, visitors and property as a priority. Factors that determine this complexity are many: multiple departments, remote locations, flexible working hours, number of employees and visitors, as well as changing needs.

Therefore, only an integrated solution is able to cope with this evolution: giving facility and security managers a clear overview and control over these different functions. Imagine one interface that allows management and control – on site or remotely – of your security needs for intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and access control.

Also keep in mind that these different techniques are seamlessly integrated, allowing events to be verified through video streams, and that links between access control, intrusion and fire detection increase people’s safety. Advisor Management software offers you exactly these things. This means you know exactly who is entering the building, when and where. Combined with integrated video surveillance, staff can monitor the building in real time, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

A smart way to pursue simplicity
Advisor Management software

• An intuitive graphical user interface, providing dynamic floor plans.
• Only one interface for multiple tasks: Access Control, Digital Video, Intrusion and Fire Detection on one screen. A unified way to assign user rights regardless of the complexity of the security system. The ability to register and track visitors in the building or grounds contributes to the safety of personnel and buildings.
• Users are given the option to create or modify ad hoc reports, thanks to the advanced reporting capabilities.
• Real time client synchronization and automatic saving of changes.
• Additional functionality between devices using automatic actions.
• Scale to multiple sites, languages and users
• Efficient alarm handling…