The number of burglaries or cases of vandalism is constantly increasing. The numbers speak for themselves. Equipping your home or business with camera security is no longer an unnecessary luxury. Moreover, camera security equipment is no longer as big an investment as it used to be. The prices are democratic and freely accessible, both for individuals and for companies. And did you know that camera surveillance of your company is tax deductible? Don’t give people with bad intentions a chance and make it clear to them that you are keeping an eye on your business and every movement is registered.

A selection of the possibilities of camera security

We work with IP cameras for camera surveillance and work closely with top suppliers. These security and surveillance cameras offer many possibilities.

For businesses and government agencies, this can include:

Mapping the number of visitors within a certain period.
Face detection that estimates gender and age. This can be useful for marketing purposes.
Access control.
Smart cameras specially tailored to the healthcare sector.
Drafting temporary mobile camera solutions.
Alarm systems.

For individuals this means:

Observe your home.
Saving images and time registration.
Fire or CO detection.
Alarm systems.

These are just a few of the many solutions that camera security offers you for your home or business. There are, of course, other options for security. Every installation of security cameras is a new project and is tailor-made and completely according to your wishes.

How do you have your security camera installed?

To have a security camera installed, you can simply contact us. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or via the form on our website. We will discuss with you what your wishes are and what the security cameras must meet. For example, it looks at:

How many security cameras do you want?
Do you want to save the images and what do you want to do with the images?
How and where do you want to view the images: via your PC, smartphone or tablet, for example?
How high should the resolution of the camera be? Would you like to be able to zoom in and do facial recognition, for example?
Should there be motion detection?
Other technical specifications that the security cameras must have to make the difference between images and ‘usable’ images. For example, consider infrared cameras.

We will discuss with you exactly what you need for your application. You will receive a detailed quote. If you agree, it will be agreed when the camera security will be installed in your home or business.

Buy a security camera? At Campro you will find a wide range of camera surveillance at work.

Theft, aggression, vandalism. Unfortunately we can’t get around it. People with bad intentions prefer to choose the path of least resistance. Visible surveillance cameras at work or in public places are then an effective deterrent.

At Campro you will find a wide range so that we can tailor the right configuration to your specific wishes:

  • Analog or digital cameras
  • IP cameras (also called network cameras)
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • 3G/4G cameras
  • Fixed or moving cameras (PTZ cams)

With well-designed camera surveillance, you avoid problems and reduce the feeling of insecurity. For that reason, the government uses tax incentives to encourage companies (not private individuals) that buy a surveillance camera or security camera to work on better security at work or in public places.