Code keyboard, badge reader or fingerprint scanner: Campro helps you choose

Every day reports are made of people who unintentionally gain access to companies and private homes. Access control is therefore one of the most important elements in keeping your business premises, parking lot, home or apartment building safe. It gives you full control over who gets access to which places in your property. Access control can be done in many different ways. Campro distributes and installs various access control systems, including SALTO, PAXTON, SUPREMA and 2N.

  • Simple solutions for private homes or apartments
  • Reliable access control for car parks, offices or commercial buildings
  • Up to smart systems for high-security buildings or spaces

In this way you determine at any time who can enter, where and when.

Access control for those who think further

Access security installations are often combined with other components of a global surveillance or security solution. Campro is happy to advise you on integration options with time registration, camera surveillance or even number plate recognition.

Choose a custom-designed access control

There are countless systems of access control. We choose to only work with renowned brands such as UTC, SALTO, Paxton and 2N. These brands may be combined with each other if necessary. This way you get access control that is fully adapted to your situation. Whether it concerns a small house, a huge apartment building, car parks or a business complex, there is an adapted solution for every access control.

Do you only want access control at your door for your private home? Is your home surrounded by a wall and do you only opt for access control at the gate? As a manager, do you want a complete access control system for different buildings, departments or specific areas within your company?
How many doors and how many visitors are involved?
Do you opt for access with a badge, fingerprint scanner or with a code keyboard?
Are you going for smart access control that is managed from a PC or via other systems?
Would you like to link your access control to, for example, time registration for employees, number plate recognition and/or camera surveillance?
Which reports do you want to be able to extract from the system?
For example, would you like to be able to request a history of previous visits from visitors?

These and many other options will be discussed with you so that you have the perfect access control system that is appropriate for your home or business. Contact us at

Quotation, order and installation

Your building, apartment building, parking lot or private home is first fully mapped out. You will be listened to and it will be determined where you want which access control. You will then receive a quote so that you immediately have an overview of the costs. We work exclusively with our own installation service, which reduces costs. The installation takes place on a day of your choosing. When installing, you will be given the necessary explanation of how the system works, so that you can immediately rely on it. You can also contact us for after service after installation.

For do-it-yourselfers

Perhaps you are technically inclined and want to install your access control yourself? That is perfectly possible. Go to the webshop for this. You will find all the necessary material and you will receive a thorough explanation for the installation.

Knowing who is where in your building at all times is important. We want to take this worry off your hands. Together with you, we install the access control system that does 100% what it is supposed to do for you.

Would you like to communicate with visitors remotely? An intercom is then ideal. For example, you can ask who is at the door before opening the door. Or you can see what is happening in front of your home. There are many different types of intercoms. We have a new brand in our range, namely the 2N intercoms. Read more about it soon!

Who are 2N?

2N is an international company. They develop and produce unique products that are used in ICT and physical security. The majority of their range consists of (IP) video intercom systems for both industrial and private use. They also have intercoms for specific situations, such as in an emergency or for access control, in their range. A 2N intercom can simply be analog, to connect to a telephone exchange. But there is also a more advanced system with a camera and door opener. The IP intercom system can also be expanded with a motion sensor or touchscreen. Because the systems are modular, the 2N intercoms can easily be linked to an existing system. So there is always an intercom system that suits your needs.

Advantages of a 2N intercom?
Why should you choose a 2N intercom? The 2N intercoms have many advantages. We list them for you:

° Video intercom: via the camera system in your intercom you can see in HD quality who is at your door. The hidden camera also has night vision. This way you have a view of visitors day and night.
° Talk-back function: you can easily communicate with visitors through the talk-back function that 2N intercoms have.
° Versatility: 2N’s intercoms have many options:
° Do not disturb mode: you can set a do not disturb mode so that you will not be disturbed at night.
° Audio-video answering machine: visitors can leave an audio or video message for you when you are not at home.
° Smart home link: you can link the 2N intercoms to your smart home system. This way you have all control over lights, air conditioning, heating and/or security system in one.

2N intercoms at CAMPRO

We specialize in securing private individuals, companies and government agencies. We have been doing this since 2004.
Thanks to our many years of experience, you can be sure that you are dealing with expert and reliable professionals. But not only our employees are expert, our products are also of top quality! Hence the choice to include the 2N brand in our range. Are you interested in a 2N intercom? Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to serve you!