For security we are active in the field of industrial surveillance, event security & bodyguarding

Track & trace

Track your fleet through an easy-to-use platform wherever you are. Opt for efficient tracking of all your vehicles and detailed reporting.

WiFi solutions

Anytime, anywhere online. Your visitors appreciate WiFi. View the possibilities of your own WiFi / WiFi network, both indoors and outdoors, together with a Campro advisor.

Integrated solutions

For maximum monitoring and security, companies or government are increasingly opting for a mix of solutions. Let us help you with your surveillance plan.

Time registration

Looking for a professional solution from a local supplier who knows the Belgian corporate culture? Campro can guide you in your choice!

Access control

Access control is also one of the most important elements in keeping your business premises, parking lot, home or apartment building safe.

Fire protection

Whether it concerns a home, a public building or a commercial property, it is always a disaster when your property and your goods go up in flames.

Alarm systems / Alarm security

Your business premises, public space or your home is very precious to you. You then want to be able to leave it perfectly safe at any time of the day if you wish.

Camera surveillance / camera security

The number of burglaries or cases of vandalism is constantly increasing. Equipping your home or business with camera surveillance is no longer an unnecessary luxury.

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